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Spring Nutcracker

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♥ ♡ Super easy and fun way to crack nuts ♡ ♥


The Spring Nutcracker consists of a stainless steel base and a stainless steel funnel-shaped spring with a silicone ball on the narrow end.

To use it, place the hard-shelled nut on the base, put the wide end of the spring over it while grabbing the anchors with your finger, pull the ball back, and release it to open the floodgate of split-second violence on the unfortunate walnut.
The spring itself will cover the blast radius of the nut shells, saving you from having to clean up a wild mess on the table.

Unstretched, it measures 10 x 6.5 cm (height x diameter), so it should squeeze in with no problems into crowded kitchen drawers.

  • Crack nuts in a fun and easy way
  • Safe and no mess
  • Ergonomic design
  • Super easy to use

♥ ♡ Over 2,659+ sold! ♡ ♥

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